Comp6341_Multimedia and Human Computer interaction_Construct 2_Contribution Report

Trivia Game Contribution

In This Project I’m in charge of on how the game is design and how the player interact with the option we give to the player and the coding for the game.

on the start of the game the player will be given a Question with 4 answers and the player need to answer the question fast since the player only be given a limited number of time to answer the question or else they will fail.

On The first iteration of the game I imagine that the player only have 1 life so if a player ran out of time or the player will lose the game, But the player will have access to a help button that which function to make the question easier. After some testing the game feel to slow with the help button which is the opposite what is the game intended fast-paced answering and so the help button is scrapped.

After deleting the help button, I decided to go simple and only give the players the option to answers the question as fast as possible. The problem with this iteration is that the game feels too punishing for the player while giving the player mediocre reward which is not good.

After some adjustment and feedback, we decided to give the players 3 life to give the player a chance if they mess up a question while also make an adjustment to the scoring system.

For the scoring system, i decided to giving the player the score based on how many time left, that way the player will be rewarded by thinking faster and correctly.

At the end of the game, the player will be given two kind of score, the first one is the score the player achieve at the session of the game and the second one is the high score of the previous session of the game. The reason for this kind of scoring is to give the player the initiative to be better at the game in order to beat the high score.

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